The showpiece of your table. This press does more than deliver a clean, smooth, grit-free cup—it looks good doing it. Makes coffee and tea.

4 cups

530 ml

Dishwasher compatible

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With the ESPRO® French press Black has kept the best of traditional coffee makers (simplicity, aromas) and
removed the grounds at the bottom of the cup with their patented system of double micro-filtration.

Preparation method with the ESPRO® French press Black
Preheat the coffee maker and drain out the water. Place the fresh grind and make a pre-infusion. After 30 sec, pour all of the water. Place the press above to keep the heat, and squeeze after 4 minutes of infusion.

  • Coffee press includes double micro-filter with twist-lock for easy separation and cleaning
  • Tea press includes tea-specific double micro-filter
  • Coffee and tea filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free
  • We worked with renowned glass producers Schott-Duran to create a German-made glass vessel that is 40% thicker than the industry standard for increased durability and heat retention
  • The patent-pending Safety Lock™ secures the glass vessel inside the steel cage while pouring, while also allowing for easy removal and cleaning
  • Patented and global patents pending

Rethinking the Press

There’s as much happening on the outside as there is on the inside. From a handle that unlocks for easy cleaning to an insulated lid that keeps your coffee hotter for longer—every detail works together to give you an optimal cup.

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