Yellow CatuaÏ Anaerobic

Anaerobic fermentation process. 88 SCA score.

  • Tasting notes : mandarin and lavender.
  • This particular tasting experience presents a delightful combination of aromas, showcasing the essence of mandarin and lavender. Let’s explore each of these elements individually:
    1. Mandarin: The aroma of mandarin fills the air, offering a bright and citrusy essence. It exudes a refreshing and zesty fragrance, reminiscent of freshly peeled mandarin oranges. The mandarin notes bring a burst of invigorating and tangy citrus to the overall aromatic profile.
    2. Lavender: The inclusion of lavender introduces a soothing and floral element. The scent of lavender is gentle, calming, and subtly herbal. It carries a delightful floral fragrance with hints of sweetness. The lavender aroma adds a touch of tranquility and elegance to the aromatic profile.

    Together, these aromatic elements create a captivating sensory experience. The mandarin brings a lively and vibrant citrus note, while the lavender adds a sense of calm and floral complexity. The combination of mandarin and lavender evokes a harmonious balance between invigorating and soothing, resulting in an enticing olfactory journey. Whether savoring this blend or exploring its aromas, the combination of mandarin and lavender offers a delightful aromatic adventure.

Coffee Origin:


Country: Brazil
Region of origin: Sao Paulo
Plantation altitude: 800m
Harvest: manual, selective. Anaérobic fermentation process.

Natural anaerobic fermentation is an innovative method of processing coffee, where coffee cherries are kept in a sealed container without oxygen to accelerate the fermentation process. It aims to enhance the natural flavors, resulting in something richer than standard coffee or any other coffee you typically consume. Timing is crucial to prevent over-fermentation, which could lead to overly fermented tastes. Other variables include temperature, sugars, and pH – all of which will impact the final outcome.

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This is our Yellow Catuaï Anaerobic coffee from Brazil. 87 SCA SCORE.

De La Sierra is one of the rare brands to master the entire manufacturing process of its product. From supply to final assembly, through the sorting of coffee fruits, the processes, the preparation of grains, the selection…

Above all, in order to perpetuate the value chain and allow producers to live decently, De La Sierra always offers farmers a price higher than that of the stock market price… In El Salvador, we are the producers and owners of a 40 hectare coffee plantation. Certainly, at De La Sierra, the coffee beans require the greatest attention.

Likewise, the same requirement for finesse and quality applies to all raw materials. Most importantly, in this global approach, at De la Sierra we roast our beans ourselves. A crucial stage, the temperature and duration of which must be established with precision. Roasting guarantees the aroma of coffee and this allows us to offer profiles with unique flavors.

A great story !
Five generations ago, Ines and Petronila acquired some lands on the hills of the Cacahuatique in El Salvador. In the same vein, we decided to continue this legacy by importing this coffee. The plantations are managed by our family living in Central America, the green grains are processed and marketed by our family in France. Most importantly, we have full product traceability and control and support from the government of the country of origin. El Salvador is a country in the volcanic heart conceived of lands rich in minerals which attribute a unique taste to our coffee beans. In addition, a flawless selection process allows you to offer a bourbon coffee with refined and harmonious tastes, of superior quality. This product invites you to awaken your taste sense with this new coffee from El Salvador. This production contributes to the evolution of life of Salvadoran coffee growers and respect for human and environmental values. Thanks to this, we have our Red Bourbon from El Salvador.

To sum up the value added, the whole team obtained their roasting, tasting and barista certificates from the Salvadoran Coffee Council. We invite you to awaken your taste sense with this new coffee from El Salvador. This Rainforest Alliance certified production contributes to the evolution of the lives of Salvadoran coffee farmers. Thanks to the cooperation of these two families, the company is managed with respect for human values.

We are proud to present a coffee our Red Bourbon Grand Cru, our bean comes from the mythological lands of the ancient Mayan civilization. El Salvador, thanks to its volcanic heart, has lands rich in minerals which give a unique taste to our coffee beans. The selection process makes it possible to offer you coffee with refined and harmonious tastes.

Meanwhile, six to eight months after flowering, the fruits being ripe, therefore, the coffee harvest can begin. To clarify, the picking method consists in carrying out a manual harvest by selecting the good cherries. Subsequently, a rigorous selection process is put in place to separate the quality beans. When exposed to the sun, the beans undergo natural drying in order to go to the next step, roasting. Roasting is an art of precision and sublety. Moreover, this know-how needs a great mastery, it is decisive to highlight the unique and gustatory qualities of each coffee. Finally, the magic of a barista will transform the sumptuousness of this grain into a true work of art.

In conclusion, you just have to taste it !

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Weight 250 g

Grain coffee, Ground coffee

Type de machine

Aeropress, Chemex, Clever Dripper, Cold Brew, Electric Coffee maker, Espresso, Moka, Piston or French press, Siphon, V60

Type of roasting

Intense, Light


250 gr, 1 Kg


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