The V60 has a conical shape for deeper layering of the coffee grounds, producing a rich flavor. The single large hole provides the ultimate freedom. pour the water quickly for a light flavor or slowly if you like your coffee strong. The dripper is made from Arita-yaki, a traditional style of Japanese ceramics with a history of 400 years. Each one is handmade by a local craftsperson. The exquisite ceramic dripper and the functional beauty of your V60 product create a stunning contrast between the traditional and the modern.

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V60 Dripper :

Hario was founded in Japan in 1921 to specialize in heat resistant glass. Initially, Hario made glass for pharmaceutical companies. 1964 marked a turning point for the brand, when the brand produced its first siphon coffee machine. Today, Hario produces various equipment for making coffee.

The Archbishop of Paris Jean-Baptiste de Belloy (Jean-Baptiste de Belloy) invented filter coffee in 1800, which was an important step in improving the cup, especially its purity. Pour water into the pore chamber containing the coffee powder, then put the coffee powder in a container called a coffee machine. This is called percolation. Brillat-Savarin favors this method. He mentioned it in his seminal work published in “Physiologie” (The physiology of gout) published in 1826: “A few years ago, all ideas were centered on the best method of making coffee; she is coming soon and hardly anyone The head of government is suspected of spending a lot of money.

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