• Great Pour Over Experience | Fast and accurate weight measuring, matching with various pour-over coffee techniques perfectly, remove complex buttons and units, reduce misoperation and minimize interference to pour over coffee process; reasonable design of LED display area achieves real-time reading of time and weight during the coffee-making process. The new version is designed with Auto-Timing function to help green hands make pour-over coffee easily.



Timemore Scale Black

New release version upgrades the main chip so it’s more efficient and stable.
The measurement is more reliable and it response faster.

Increase entity switch to improve the power endurance during standby.
The right and left buttons have been added textured logos to avoid unintended triggering.


TYPE C USB CHARGING INTERFACE – Built-in1600mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Battery last for 10 hrs.
POWER SAVING – When the timer function is NOT turned on, it will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of standby.

AUTO-TIMING – The scale timer starts to count automatically when the water is filled. (40 seconds or more to retain the data). The number of times and weights will stop changing when you pick up the equipment.


Measurement: 152mm x 130mm x 26mm
Weight: 380g
Colour: black
Producer: Timemore (China)

HOW TO USE (the design tells you which button to use)
Short press to switch on / tare weight
Long press to switch off
To use the timer, short press to start / pause timing.
Long press to tare the time
Poke the hole on the back with a pin should you need to reset your scale



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