• Espresso Scale
  • LED display and timer
  • Power supply: Battery with provided USB cable
  • For weighing up to 2,000 g
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Integrated stopwatch
Experience Precision with the Felicita Espresso Scale Crafted specifically for espresso enthusiasts.

The Felicita Arc Espresso Scale offers unmatched precision for baristas seeking perfection. Compact in design, this scale fits snugly under your espresso machine’s spouts, allowing you to measure the flow of your shots effortlessly.

Its dual simultaneous display showcases both weight and time, with the option to toggle between gram or ounce units for your convenience.

Featuring an easy-to-read 8-digit LED display, the Felicita Arc ensures clear visibility of your measurements at all times.

Built with sturdy aluminum and a protective plastic coating, this scale is not only robust but also waterproof, guaranteeing durability in any environment.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery via USB cable, it boasts a maximum capacity of 2000g for versatile use.

Enhanced with Bluetooth connectivity, the Felicita Arc Espresso Scale seamlessly integrates with the Felicita Coffee App, enabling you to track curves, reset your scale, and save your measurements effortlessly.

Discover the Versatile Modes of the Felicita Arc Coffee Scale
  • Mode 1: Manual Weight Display – Weight displayed with stopwatch deactivated.
  • Mode 2: Full Manual Operation – Stopwatch and weight display are manually controlled.
  • Mode 3: Manual Tare – Stopwatch starts upon liquid detection after manual taring of the vessel.
  • Mode 4: Automatic Tare – Stopwatch initiates upon liquid detection after automatic vessel taring.
  • Mode 5: Auto Tare and Start – Stopwatch commences automatically after vessel placement and taring.
  • Modes 3 to 5 automatically halt the stopwatch upon vessel removal, displaying the last measured value for your convenience.

Felicita offers precise and high-quality weighing solutions for baristas and roasters in search of a fast, efficient, and accurate scale. Their connected option allows users to track the curves of various weighings and save all measurements as well as recipes.

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Bought Together : Red Bourbon 

Weight 600 g


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