Red Magic washed Thermal Choc 

Country: Colombia
Type of bean: Red Magic
Region of origin: Antioquia
Plantation altitude: 1600 -2000 m
Harvest: manual, selective.
Process: Washed Thermal Choc
Type of roasting : Light Roast

Tasting notes : Chocolat au lait, Prune Rouge, acidité pétillante

  1. Milk Chocolate: This note suggests a smooth and creamy chocolate flavor, reminiscent of milk chocolate. It brings a comforting and sweet element to the overall taste experience.
  2. Red Plum: The inclusion of red plum denotes a fruity and slightly tart undertone. Red plums often contribute a juicy and succulent character, enhancing the complexity of the flavor profile.
  3. Sparkling Acidity: The term “sparkling acidity” indicates a bright and lively acidity in the coffee. This attribute adds a refreshing and effervescent quality to the cup, balancing the sweetness and contributing to the overall vibrancy.

Together, these flavor notes create a well-balanced and intriguing coffee profile. The combination of creamy milk chocolate, the fruity twist of red plum, and the lively acidity promises a delightful and dynamic tasting experience.

Savor Excellence: Red Magic Washed Thermal Choc Elevates Colombian Coffee Prestige

The collaboration between Pitalito Municipal Administration and The Bean Project signifies a pivotal step toward economic revitalization in Huila, Colombia. By initiating the “Spectacular Coffees” competition, these entities aim to not only showcase the exceptional coffee produced in the region but also create a platform that connects local farmers with both domestic and international buyers.

The Bean Project specializes in strategic market engagement, focusing on the procurement and sale of coffee products. Their presence in Pitalito ensures a direct and meaningful interaction with coffee growers. The strategic approach is designed not just for local impact but also to cater to the global market.

The overarching objective of this initiative is twofold: to strengthen the economic backbone of the Huila region, particularly in Pitalito, and to elevate the quality and recognition of Colombian coffee. By fostering a direct link between producers and buyers, the competition seeks to establish a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship that emphasizes and preserves the exceptional quality of the region’s coffee.

In essence, the “Spectacular Coffees” competition is a concerted effort to bring together key stakeholders in the coffee supply chain, promoting sustainability, fair practices, and the distinct flavor profile that makes Colombian coffee renowned worldwide. This strategic collaboration not only supports local economies but also positions Huila as a hub for premium coffee, reinforcing its global presence in the coffee industry.


Our Legacy:

Five generations ago, Ines and Petronila acquired lands on the Cacahuatique hills in El Salvador, setting the stage for our family’s coffee legacy. Today, we continue this tradition with family members in Central America managing the plantations and overseeing processing and marketing in France. Our coffee beans from El Salvador offer a unique taste attributed to the region’s rich volcanic soils, a legacy that speaks of resilience and dedication.


Certified Excellence:

Our team, armed with roasting, tasting, and barista certificates from the Salvadoran Coffee Council, brings unparalleled expertise to every cup. Our Rainforest Alliance certified production not only delivers exquisite Red Bourbon Grand Cru coffee but also contributes to the improvement of Salvadoran coffee farmers’ lives.



The journey from picking to roasting is an intricate process, involving manual harvest, rigorous bean selection, and natural drying under the sun. Roasting, the art that transforms beans into masterpieces, demands precision. Our beans become works of art under the skilled touch of a barista magician.

Embark on a journey of sensory delight with De La Sierra’s H2 Semi-Washed Anaerobic Coffee. Each sip encapsulates our dedication to quality, sustainability, and the rich history of El Salvador’s coffee culture.


Discover Our History: De La Sierra’s Story
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Weight N/A

250 gr, 1 Kg


Grain coffee, Ground coffee

Type de machine

Aeropress, Chemex, Clever Dripper, Cold Brew, Electric Coffee maker, Espresso, Moka, Piston or French press, Siphon, V60


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