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Crafted for perfection, the Eagle Tempo Coffee Machine combines effortless operation with unparalleled quality. With its intuitive touchscreen interface and energy-efficient design, this machine delivers consistent excellence in every cup. Ideal for restaurants, cafes, and bars, the Eagle Tempo ensures a seamless brewing experience, making it the ultimate choice for those who demand the best.

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Experience the seamless operation of Eagle Tempo coffee machine by Victoria Arduino, as it effortlessly manages your bustling establishment. With orders pouring in, the Eagle Tempo remains composed, ensuring each cup is crafted to perfection. Fresh portafilters stand ready for the next brew while the machine flawlessly handles multiple cup sizes simultaneously, effortlessly transitioning from one order to the next.

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, the Eagle Tempo offers pre-programmed, one-touch operation, combining beauty with functionality while prioritizing energy efficiency and environmental consciousness. Its high productivity ensures a steady flow of exquisite beverages, making it the ideal solution for restaurants, roasteries, bakeries, patisseries, and bars seeking consistency in every cup.

The Eagle Tempo coffee machine boasts advanced features such as a touchscreen display for intuitive control, high-volume boilers for optimal performance, and a patented Thermal Energy Recovery System (TERS) that minimizes waste by harnessing heat from outgoing water to pre-heat incoming water.

Powered by Victoria Arduino’s exclusive NEO TECH engine, the Eagle Tempo sets a new standard for energy efficiency, consuming up to 29% less energy than previous models. Its innovative steam-by-wire technology delivers perfect steam for creamy cappuccinos, while the Easycream wand ensures consistent foam for both dairy and plant-based beverages.

Optional features like the cup warmer, Cooltouch steam wand, and customizable LED headlights enhance the user experience, while practical additions such as low or high group options and a redesigned stainless steel drip tray optimize workflow and cleanliness.

With Autopurge technology ensuring portafilters are always fresh and ready, the Eagle Tempo streamlines operations, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers with every cup.

Designed with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, the Eagle Tempo sets a new standard in coffee preparation. Its intuitive touchscreen display puts control at your fingertips, allowing for easy customization of brewing recipes and settings. With high-volume boilers and patented Thermal Energy Recovery System (TERS), the Eagle Tempo maximizes productivity while minimizing energy consumption, making it a sustainable choice for modern businesses. Whether you’re serving classic espressos or trendy plant-based beverages, the Eagle Tempo ensures consistently exceptional results, cup after cup.

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