H2 Semi-Washed Anaerobic

Country: El Salvador
Type of bean: H2
Region of origin: Juayua
Plantation altitude: 1200 – 1550 m
Harvest: manual, selective.
Process: Semi-Washed Anaerobic
Type of roasting : Light Roast

Tasting notes : Grape, violet, tropical fruits

In the realm of coffee, these notes describe the unique and nuanced flavors present in a particular coffee bean. Let’s break down each note:

  1. Raisin: This note suggests a flavor reminiscent of raisins, which could bring a sweet, slightly tangy, and dried fruit-like taste to the coffee. It often adds depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile.
  2. Violet: Violet notes indicate a floral characteristic in the coffee. This could manifest as a subtle, perfumed essence, contributing to the aromatic qualities of the brew. Floral notes are often associated with brightness and a delicate quality.
  3. Tropical Fruits: The mention of tropical fruits suggests a medley of exotic fruit flavors, which can include anything from pineapple and mango to passion fruit. These notes add a refreshing, vibrant, and sometimes juicy element to the coffee, creating a well-rounded and lively taste experience.

In combination, these notes create a flavor profile that is not only diverse but also intriguing. It’s like taking a journey through a tropical orchard, where the sweetness of raisins, the elegance of violets, and the vibrancy of tropical fruits come together to offer a truly delightful and complex coffee experience.


This grape variety was developed by Angel Cabrera, the father of Pacamara. Finca Las Brisas, a farm nestled in the town of Juayua in the Apaneca mountain range, stands as a testament to how good agricultural practices, technology, and post-harvest expertise can reshape the future of coffee.

Carlos Pola advocates for a healthy plantation and exceptional quality. “In the past, coffee was something people glanced at, suggesting you should consider doing something else. However, the specialized industry has brought forth a new wave of opportunities.”

Experience the legacy of Angel Cabrera and the dedication of Carlos Pola at Finca Las Brisas. Cultivated with love and precision, our coffee beans embody the artistry of a thriving coffee culture. Elevate your coffee experience and indulge in the unique flavors that tell a story of passion, innovation, and endless possibilities. Join us on this journey, and make Finca Las Brisas a cherished part of your coffee ritual. Because every sip is an embrace of tradition, expertise, and a future filled with delightful coffee moments. Discover the difference – experience Finca Las Brisas today.

Step into the extraordinary world of De La Sierra’s H2 Semi-Washed Anaerobic Coffee, where every sip tells a story, and every detail is crafted for excellence. Scoring an impressive 87.5 on the SCA scale, our coffee is a testament to our commitment to quality.

From cultivation to final assembly, we pride ourselves on a holistic approach that sets us apart. At De La Sierra, we don’t just produce coffee; we curate an experience. From fair pricing practices that ensure the sustainability of the entire value chain to the ownership of a 40-hectare coffee plantation in El Salvador, every step resonates with dedication.

In the intricate dance of coffee production, every bean at De La Sierra is treated with meticulous care. Our commitment to finesse and quality is unwavering. The entire process, including the crucial roasting stage, is under our control, ensuring that each coffee bean holds a unique aroma and flavor profile.


Our Legacy:

Five generations ago, Ines and Petronila acquired lands on the Cacahuatique hills in El Salvador, setting the stage for our family’s coffee legacy. Today, we continue this tradition with family members in Central America managing the plantations and overseeing processing and marketing in France. Our coffee beans from El Salvador offer a unique taste attributed to the region’s rich volcanic soils, a legacy that speaks of resilience and dedication.


Certified Excellence:

Our team, armed with roasting, tasting, and barista certificates from the Salvadoran Coffee Council, brings unparalleled expertise to every cup. Our Rainforest Alliance certified production not only delivers exquisite Red Bourbon Grand Cru coffee but also contributes to the improvement of Salvadoran coffee farmers’ lives.



The journey from picking to roasting is an intricate process, involving manual harvest, rigorous bean selection, and natural drying under the sun. Roasting, the art that transforms beans into masterpieces, demands precision. Our beans become works of art under the skilled touch of a barista magician.

Embark on a journey of sensory delight with De La Sierra’s H2 Semi-Washed Anaerobic Coffee. Each sip encapsulates our dedication to quality, sustainability, and the rich history of El Salvador’s coffee culture.


Discover Our History: De La Sierra’s Story
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Weight N/A

250 gr, 1 Kg


Grain coffee, Ground coffee

Type de machine

Aeropress, Chemex, Clever Dripper, Cold Brew, Electric Coffee maker, Espresso, Moka, Piston or French press, V60


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