Castillo Giraldo Washed

Country: Colombia
Type of bean: Castillo Giraldo
Region of origin: Giraldo
Plantation altitude: 1700 – 2200 m
Harvest: manual, selective.
Process: Lavé
Type of roasting : Medium Light Roast

Tasting notes : Prune Jaune, Abricot, Magnolia, Melon

  1. Prune Jaune (Yellow Plum): This note suggests a sweet and slightly tart flavor, akin to the succulence of ripe yellow plums. It brings a fruity complexity to the profile, offering a distinctive taste experience.
  2. Abricot (Apricot): The apricot note introduces a luscious and juicy stone fruit flavor. It often adds a delightful sweetness with a hint of tanginess, contributing to the overall richness of the coffee.
  3. Magnolia: Magnolia notes in coffee evoke a floral and aromatic quality reminiscent of magnolia blossoms. This delicate floral aspect can enhance the sensory experience, providing a nuanced and fragrant layer to the flavor profile.
  4. Melon: Melon notes bring a refreshing and subtly sweet taste, similar to the juiciness of ripe melons. This note contributes to a bright and summery character, adding depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile.

These profile notes combine to create a well-balanced and nuanced coffee experience. The interplay of fruity elements with floral and sweet notes offers a sensory journey that coffee enthusiasts can savor. The distinctiveness of Prune Jaune, Abricot, Magnolia, and Melon collectively contributes to a delightful and flavorful coffee profile.

Discover the Richness: Castillo Giraldo Washed Coffee from Colombia

La Sierrita Cooperative is a beacon of traceability in the Giraldo region of Colombia, celebrated for its elevated altitude that imparts unique qualities to the Castillo Giraldo Washed Coffee. The majority of contributing producers are proud farm owners, ensuring a deep connection to their craft.

This community-driven lot boasts a remarkable stability in its flavor profile. The vibrant acidity is a standout feature, creating a dynamic and lively character in every sip. The tasting experience unfolds with pleasurable notes of sweet milk chocolate, adding a comforting touch, and the refreshing brightness of citrus, enhancing the overall complexity.

What sets La Sierrita apart is its meticulous approach to coffee creation. The cooperative carefully constructs each batch, with a commitment to excellence. Every small parcel undergoes a thorough and individual tasting process multiple times before earning its place in the main lot. This dedication ensures that only the finest beans contribute to the overall quality, resulting in a coffee that embodies the essence of the Giraldo region.

In essence, La Sierrita exemplifies the harmony between tradition and precision, delivering a Castillo Giraldo Washed Coffee that not only reflects the rich terroir but also the passion and dedication of the community of producers involved.


Our Legacy:

Five generations ago, Ines and Petronila acquired lands on the Cacahuatique hills in El Salvador, setting the stage for our family’s coffee legacy. Today, we continue this tradition with family members in Central America managing the plantations and overseeing processing and marketing in France. Our coffee beans from El Salvador offer a unique taste attributed to the region’s rich volcanic soils, a legacy that speaks of resilience and dedication.


Certified Excellence:

Our team, armed with roasting, tasting, and barista certificates from the Salvadoran Coffee Council, brings unparalleled expertise to every cup. Our Rainforest Alliance certified production not only delivers exquisite Red Bourbon Grand Cru coffee but also contributes to the improvement of Salvadoran coffee farmers’ lives.



The journey from picking to roasting is an intricate process, involving manual harvest, rigorous bean selection, and natural drying under the sun. Roasting, the art that transforms beans into masterpieces, demands precision. Our beans become works of art under the skilled touch of a barista magician.

Embark on a journey of sensory delight with De La Sierra’s H2 Semi-Washed Anaerobic Coffee. Each sip encapsulates our dedication to quality, sustainability, and the rich history of El Salvador’s coffee culture.


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Weight N/A

250 gr, 1 Kg


Grain coffee, Ground coffee

Type de machine

Aeropress, Chemex, Clever Dripper, Cold Brew, Electric Coffee maker, Espresso, Moka, Piston or French press, Siphon, V60


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