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– Vanilla

– Cappuccino

– Dark Chocolate

– Hazelnut

– Artisanal Dulce de leche

– Lemongrass


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The name “Indigo” by Cihuatan rum was inspired by the color blue, which was crafted by the ancient Maya using the Indigo flower (añil). Blue is a symbol of El Salvador and also the color of Tlaloc, Mayan god of rain.



In the heart of every bottle of Cihuatán Indigo lies the Sleeping Woman, Mayan goddess and guardian of the Cihuatán valley. Legend has it that the Sleeping Woman would intercede on behalf of the people of Cihuatán so that Tlaloc would make the valley bloom.

TYPE OF RUM of Cihuatan 8 years


8 years old


Aged in American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels


40% Alc./Vol.


70 cl


El Paisnal, San Salvador, El Salvador

Enjoying a sip of Cihuatán Rum is to discover a new story about El Salvador. Our country is colorful, optimistic, cheerful and unique. It is a vibrant country, full of color and culture; and we want Cihuatán Rum to share this charming spirit with the world. Since the beginning, we have achieved this task through the aromas, flavors, textures and visuals of Cihuatán Rum. Moved by this vision, we are proud to showcase Cihuatán’s new image, which we believe is an even greater reflection of our beloved El Salvador’s heritage.

Our land’s ancient Mayan heritage is our inspiration. The Maya were insatiably curious, which drove them to study the stars and numbers, to explore new lands and to create ahead of their time. This same curiosity drove us to create what had never been done: El Salvador’s first rum, crafted by hand in the heart of the Cihuatán valley; a rum that every Salvadoran could be proud of. At Cihuatán, we cherish and celebrate this curiosity that drives us all to learn, explore, to grow and enjoy life.

To this day, we continue to invoke that same Salvadoran passion along with the curiosity we inherited from our Mayan ancestors to craft quality rums. We owe it to our country and its people, and that’s why we make rum with passion, with love and always looking to be better.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 17 cm


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