Cihuatan Xaman is an ultra-premium fondly named after Xaman, Mayan god of the North Star and protector of the Cihuatán valley. This elegant composition features extra-old rums aged in American oak ex-Bourbon barrels and then finished in Mayan Ceiba barrels. Our Master Blender especially selected the unique wood of the Mayan Ceiba tree for its rich character and alluring profile. As part of Cihuatán Rum’s commitment to renewable resources, Cihuatán Xaman’s Gift Box will be crafted using FSC certified carton, which comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

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The Legend

In the heart of every bottle of Cihuatán Xaman lies the Sleeping Woman, Mayan goddess and guardian of the Cihuatán valley.

Legend has it that under the veil of night, the Sleeping Woman would look for the brightest star in the sky. This was Xaman, god of the North Star.

The Sleeping Woman would ask Xaman for wisdom and prosperity for the valley and its people. Xaman would then rest atop a sacred Ceiba tree, the Mayan tree of life.

The Maya cherished the wood of their Ceiba trees and used it to craft items of protection for battle, charms to bring prosperity and vessels for travel.
Pairings :
• Smoked meats like serrano
ham, roasted pork or similar
• Soft creamy cheeses like
camembert or brie
• Fresh cheeses like burrata
• Assorted olives
• Raisins
Weight 700 g


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