Sahumerio, a celebration of love.

Cihuatán Sahumerio is a limited edition rum created as a celebration of love. According to Mayan lore, fire was the symbol of love and the eagle goddess Chantico was its guardian. Thus, every loving home would keep a “Sahumerio”, a sacred vessel for fire. These Sahumerios would burn day and night in honor of love.

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Sahumerio, the ritual.

The Maya were a tight-knit community and deeply valued love and relationships. To attract love, they would perform a simple and enchanting ritual: in a Sahumerio, they would burn treats to gain the goddess Chantico’s graces. Each treat had a meaning: dried flowers or floral honey for romance, dried fruits for family unity, incense for friendship, cacao, seeds and butters for self protection.

Cihuatán Sahumerio features a blend of handpicked light and heavy rums to achieve the desired notes which mimic what the Maya used to burn in their Sahumerios.

Suggested serve :

Neat or on the rocks.

Suggested pairing :

1. Steak
2. Cured cheese with umami such as parmesan or Spanish manchego
3. Dates


45.2% Alc./Vol.


Blend of 4 rums, between
12 and 14 years old.


El Paisnal, San Salvador, El Salvador

“What the Maya used to burn in their Sahumerios sparked loving memories in me, reminding me of my favorite holiday and how every end of the year, my entire family will come together to decorate a nativity scene, filling it with aromas of incense, moss and dried flowers.”


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Weight 700 g


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